RUMI motorbikes Drivers

Enthusiastic, generous and passionate, the RUMI motorbikes Drivers never gave up; they were the ambassadors of the brand to whom they gave splendor. The first pilots were discovered and selected within the numerous group of testers, some of them very talented. Other Pilots were “blown” to the competition, especially in the years of the “official” RUMI Team proposed between 1952 and 1955. The official Team was organized by the engineer Luigi Salmaggi with the collaboration of the talented mechanic Orlando Ciceroni.

RUMI dedicated itself to the competitions in an incessant way between 1950 and 1962; the bikes were standard, except for some modifications to carburation, exhaust or pinion/ crown ratios.

Moto RUMI - RUMI Motorbikes. La squadra corse ufficiale RUMI del 1955 fuori dello stabilimento di Bergamo
The complete RUMI team outside the factory in via Moroni - March 1954. Standing in the center Donnino Rumi and on his right his son Achille

Rumi was particularly performing where the qualities of lightness and acceleration, skillfully used by its pilots, could make the difference: speed uphill races and mixed city circuits. RUMI pilots were also distinguished in the long distance and endurance races, taking advantage of the strength of the motorbikes to whom not many gave credit: Milan-Taranto, Giro Motociclistico d’Italia, Liege-Milan-Liege.

Moto Rumi - Rumi Motorbikes

RUMI is also at ease on the grueling regularity races. The roll of honor is particularly rich in national and international successes; among the latter stands out the result achieved at the end of the Great Britain International Six Days, which took place in Llandrindod Wells in 1954. Four RUMI Pilots conquered four gold medals: Dario Basso, Pietro Carissoni, Miro Riva and Bruno Romano. The RUMI Pilots also distinguished in the races for Scooters where the legendary Formichino allowed them to gather great satisfaction especially in the circuits in Belgium or France where such competitions took part: Bol d’Or and 24 Hours of Montlhéry.

Apart from the Official Team (1952-1955), the sport history of RUMI is linked in large part to the enthusiasm and the indomitable spirit of sacrifice of many who participated in the competitions bringing with them all their passion.

Below I dedicate more space to some Pilots.

At the bottom of the page I try to remember them all, with my heart in my hands. If someone reading these words find a memory, I would be grateful if he shared it.

Gianni Zonca

Born in Bergamo and superfast. Italian champion in 1955 on uphill speed championship. He is the most representative Rider of RUMI to which he links his career, starting as a test driver and then continuing as a Pilot between 1950 and 1960. He has collected numerous successes: in the circuits, in the races of duration, off-road.

Moto Rumi - Rumi Motorbikes
Gianni Zonca - Motogiro d'Italia 1954

RUMI Pilots and Mechanics between 1950 and 1960

  • Dino Ballerini – Mechanic
  • Dario Basso (Gold Medal at the International Six Days 1954)
  • Gianni Bianchi
  • Pietro Brignoli (Official Team RUMI)
  • Pietro Carissoni (Gold Medal at the International Six Days 1954)
  • Domenico Cavalli (Official Team RUMI)
  • Orlando Ciceroni  nicknamed “Romanino” – Mechanic
  • Mauro Cintolesi
  • Lino Cornago
  • Romano Crippa
  • Costanzo Daminelli
  • Mario Della Santa
  • Franco Dall’Ara
  • Ferruccio Delle Fusine
  • Silvano Forcella (Mechanic and Pilot)
  • Domenico Fenocchio
  • Onorato Francone
  • Tino Gandossi
  • Jan Johnson
  • Gosta Karlsson
  • Ennio Longinotti
  • Ennio Maffezzoli
  • Vittorina Massano (a woman, she ran with RUMI and Mondial)
  • Guerino Mantovani (Official Team RUMI)
  • Aldo Mirimin
  • Carlo Moscheni
  • Berndt Nilsson
  • Gianmario Paleari
  • Gian Franco Palazzoli
  • Giuseppe Panseri
  • Armando Parisio
  • Roberto Patrignani
  • Gianni Perini
  • Gianni Perrone
  • Enzo Rippa
  • Miro Riva (Gold Medal International Six Days 1954)
  • Bruno Romano (Gold Medal International Six Days 1954)
  • Achille Rumi
  • Eugenio Saini
  • Gian Franco Saini
  • Lino Scarpellini
  • Angelo Spinelli
  • Guglielmo Strada (Gold Medal International Six Days1954)
  • Angelo Troisi (Official Team RUMI, 1° Liegi-MIlano-Liegi 1953)
  • Raimond Voll
  • Roland Wangart
  • Gianni Zonca (Official Team RUMI, Italian Champion uphill speed championship 1955)