Moto RUMI Regolarità I e II Serie (1950-1955)

Moto RUMI Regolarità

  • Displacement: 124.68 cm3
  • Two-stroke engine with two horizontal cylinders side by side
  • Bore and stroke 42×45 mm, compression ratio 7.8:1
  • Max speed 6000 rpm, max power 7 HP (3 fiscal HP)
  • Separate special Z cast iron cylinders, aluminum heads
  • Dell’Orto MB 22 A split manifold carburettor with air filter
  • Flywheel magneto ignition with two breakers, two firings per revolution, 6V, 30W
  • Clutch with multiple discs in oil bath
  • Four-speed block gearbox always engaged
  • Model rapporti: Unknown
    Model 1953 rapporti: 1st 26.4, 2nd 16.0, 3rd 10.8, 4th 8.57
  • Primary transmission by gears, secondary by chain
  • Reinforced open double cradle frame; wheelbase 1230 mm
  • Reinforced hydro-telescopic fork front suspension
  • Rear suspension with antagonistic springs protected by rubber bellows, with large travel
  • Wheels with 36 tangent spokes with iron rims
    2.50 x 19” tyres, sculpted with special knobs
  • Ø 140 mm aluminum expansion brakes
  • Electrical system with Nassetti magnet, Ø 130 front light, rear light, horn
  • No equipment provided
  • Driving set-up single-seat saddle in black vinyl leather, tool bag, luggage rack
  • 14 liter tank
  • Dry weight 98kg
  • Maximum speed 90km/h
  • Variable average consumption depending on the trim levels
  • List price not declared
  • Color range: Second series silver with red tank; Rumi gray with black band on the tank and blue threads