Moto RUMI Junior (earles and telescopica)

Moto RUMI Junior (earles e telescopica)

  • Displacement: 124.68 cm3
  • Two-stroke engine with two horizontal cylinders side by side
  • Bore and stroke 42×45 mm, compression ratio 10.5:1
  • Max speed 7300 – 8000 rpm, max power 9 HP (3 fiscal HP)
  • Special aluminum cylinders, aluminum heads
  • N° 2 Dell’Orto UB 18 right and left carburettors, or on request n° 2 UB 22 right and left carburettors, for the “amateur” sports version n° 2 Dell’Orto SS 23c / SS 22c, separate tank
  • Flywheel magneto ignition with two breakers, two firings per revolution, 6V, 30W
  • Clutch with multiple discs in oil bath
  • Four-speed block gearbox always engaged
  • Ratios: 1st 24.0, 2nd 17.3, 3rd 12.6, 4th 10.0
  • Primary transmission by gears, secondary by chain
  • Frame in light tubes in special steel; wheelbase 1220 with Earles fork, 1250 mm with telescopic fork
  • Front suspension Earles fork with Sturcher shock absorbers optional hydro-telescopic fork with guides and springs covered at the top then standard
  • Swingarm rear suspension with Sturcher shock absorbers
  • 36-spoke wheels with reinforced aluminum rims
    2.50 x 18” tyres, ribbed front and treaded rear
  • Front aluminum expansion brakes Ø 170 with four shoes with Earles fork, Ø 140 mm with telescopic fork; rear Ø 160
  • Electrical system with Nassetti magnet, CEV 130 front light, rear light, horn
  • No equipment provided
  • Driving set-up with black leather saddle and tank cushion
  • 18 liter tank
  • Dry weight 82kg; for the export type 72 kg
  • Maximum speed 115 km/h (with mufflers), 130 km/h (with megaphones);
  • maximum slope that can be overcome 25%
  • Variable average consumption depending on the trim levels
  • List price L. 275,000
  • Color range: red with black design on the tank and silver piping; Rumi gray with black design on the tank and silver piping; red with black tank sideplates; red with white tank design and black piping (export only)