Moto RUMI Competition SS52 "Gobbetto"

Moto RUMI Competition SS52 “Gobbetto”

Called “Gobbetto (Hunchback)” for the unusual “hump” shape of the aluminum carter that protects the magnet mechanism, clearly visible on the left side

  • Displacement: 124.68 cm3
  • Two-stroke engine with two horizontal cylinders side by side
  • Bore and stroke 42×45 mm, compression ratio 10.8:1
  • Max speed 8200 rpm, max power 9 HP
  • Cylinders in special cast iron and then in aluminium, separate, heads in aluminium
  • Carburettor n° 2 Dell’Orto SS 23c/ SS 22c, separate bowl
  • Flywheel magneto ignition with two breakers, two firings per revolution, 6 V, 30 W; in Marelli ST261-DAS-D external magnet variant
  • Clutch with multiple discs in oil bath
  • Four-speed block gearbox always engaged
  • Variable rapporti
  • Primary transmission by gears, secondary by chain
  • Open cradle frame in special light tubes; wheelbase 1265mm
  • Fork front suspension with oscillating rods, wheel pushed
  • Guided wheel rear suspension with antagonist springs; 2nd series: swingarm
  • 36-spoke wheels with aluminum rims: 18″ front, 17″ rear
    2.00 x 18” front ribbed, and 2.50 x 17” treaded rear
  • Central expansion front brake with double shoe, double Ø 170 tie-rod
    Ø 170 central expansion rear brake
  • Electrical system with Nassetti flywheel-magnet, optional headlight on request for road model
  • Instrumentation built-in tachometer in the tank scale 1-10.000
  • Suede racing seat guide trim
  • 22 liter aluminum tank
  • Dry weight 1st series with cast iron cylinders without external magnet 83 kg
  • Maximum speed according to the versions from 128 to 136 km/h
  • Variable average consumption depending on the trim levels
  • List price 470,000 lire
  • Color range: ivory with yellow molding on the tank