Moto RUMI 125 GP e Moto 3

RUMI was involved in the Italian and European speed championships between 1990 and 2016, first with the 125GP (until the regulations allowed it, 2011) and then with Moto 3.

The engines were conceived, designed and designed by Stefano Rumi, as were the frames and geometries. A team of specialists has been selected to manage everything starting from 0 and doing everything in-house at RUMI.

A great effort for an excellent result.

The engines are completely original, with an out of the ordinary design and engineering; so are the geometries and the frame.

The engines immediately showed their strength, with powers that increase steadily in line with the small modifications designed from time to time. The geometries and frames allow you to put the power to the ground and manage the bikes through exceptional handling.

The Motorcycles

  • Cutting-edge technology, powerful engines, manageable frames, sophisticated and precise geometries and refined control systems. These are the RUMIs for the track.
Moto RUMI 125 GP
Moto RUMI Moto3

The Engines

  • 125 two-stroke, inspired by the design of the RUMI engines of the 50s for the Italian and European Speed ​​Championships (CIV and CEV). from 1990 to 2011
  • 250 four-stroke, completely new for the Italian Speed Championship (CIV). from 2010 to 2016.
RUMI 125 GP - i tre motori che hanno fatto la storia

The Frames

  • Lightweight, perfectly integrated into the geometry of the bikes, they allowed all the riders to express themselves at the highest level, guaranteeing exceptional handling
Moto RUMI Moto3 Telaio

On the Tracks

  • Some pictures from the tracks. We have included the names of the Drivers who took turns driving and we thank them all for their valuable contribution.
Moto RUMI 125GP. Vallelunga. Hiroki Ono